Top Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes and their Solutions

Marketers are creative creatures in fact, but they also need some guidance. Marketers must be aware to avoid following mistakes.

  • Not Generating Clear Strategies Upfront
  • Not Considering the Competitors
  • Low Engagement with Followers and Consumers
  • Creating Fake Followers
  • Poorly short or Over Detailed Briefings

#1: Not Generating Clear Strategies Upfront:

Business activities are created with comprehensive goals in mind and influencer strategies should not be taken as exceptions.  Marketers often forget or scatter from their main or critical step.  It results in poor and bad engagement rates and low return on investment and return on advertising spend. 

Being an influencer one must understand that it is important to clear defined goals before starting a campaign.  If defining goals is missed then there is no use of hoping for best.  AS everyone knows that shooting for moon without any perfect plans in mind is just a stupid thought.  

Solution: How to clear campaigns?

To define the goals and aims of your campaign ask yourself – What I want to get from this campaign.

Do you want to maximize your followers?  Or want to improve your presence on social media?  Whatever your purpose is define it and write it somewhere as a reminder.  Then if you ever face difficulty you can remind yourself of your cleared campaign goals.

#2: Not Considering the Competitors:

Every business bears competitors.  Whether, if you have an entertaining category of your service you must compete with edibles and other business categories services being offered across you.  If you don’t make market analysis then you may face cost a lot of difficulties to grow your business or service.  Market analysis tells us that what other businesses are offering and where you stand in marketplace.  Competition is best way of leading companies to originate low cost manufacturing processes.  That in return helps to compete and pass savings on consumers.  Competition is the best way of identifying customer needs. 


Solution: What you should know about competitors?

In a competing environment you must need to know a lot about your competitors which includes the services provided by your competitors, their charges for particular services, their method of distribution and delivery and their brand uniqueness.  Moreover, you must also know their media activities like their websites as well as television commercials, and other types of advertisements. 

#3: Low Engagement with Followers and Consumers:

Getting millions of followers does not define your success.  Success is defined by the rate of engagement with your followers or the way you treat them.  Your every video and post is the way of contacting the followers that must not be taken for granted.  But many influencers mostly bearing millions of followers do not understand the term of building lasting relationships with them.  Of course when you get a lot of followers you are not able to respond to all followers but you must need to put in some efforts. 

Solution: What is the method for engaging with followers?

Increase your rate of presence in comments and in inbox.  Answer their questions correctly, appreciate good comments and also do not be rude with bad remarks.  Address them in a proper way.  The best way of engaging with consumers in this developing environment is recording a video to thank your followers. 

#4: Creating Fake Followers:

Creating fake followers and buying likes and comments is being a trend to get value before time.  But this method of getting followers totally ruins the value of your brand in future.  Marketers will know that engagement rate is not according to number of followers.  And in result your unethical scheme will be figured out.  Don’t be hasty


Solution: How to grab organic Followers?

It’s very simple.  Continue doing more of what you are currently working on.  Connect with your consumers and followers, solve their queries and like their comments.  Also use hashtags and always publish the original content.  Be consistent and according to your efforts you will get reward organically. 

#5: Poorly short or Over Detailed Briefings:

Influencers mean a creative creature but they also need some guidance to make development in campaigns.  If they are provided with poorly short briefings then they will be failed in proper advertisements of your products.  They must be aware of benefits and features of your service before launching or promoting it.  If your briefing is not providing the best details then they will be failed to do their job properly. 

Over detailed briefings do not create too much problems but they are also problematic to an extent.  Too many details in briefs can limit the capability of your influencer as it is a tiring work to find the actual plans. 

  Solution:  How can we write a good briefing?

Don’t beat about the bush.  Keep in mind that you are only supposed to discuss benefits and features of your products and that’s it.  Sharing some company vision can add value but don’t go too long as it creates a mess.

Final Thoughts:

Some marketers are not so proficient in influencer marketing. So, they may face a lot of problems. Must focus on creating developed and real content and you will get most of your efforts. Avoid the above mentioned mistakes. Also add value to your services to become a brand.

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