How Security Cameras Revealed the Enigmatic Role of Mom’s Dogs in Assisting Baby’s Crib Escape

During the night, a 15-month-old toddler residing in Phoenix repeatedly managed to escape from her crib. She would skillfully exit her room, embarking on adventures around the house while her parents slumbered unaware.

Chris and Nina, Chloe’s parents, found themselves puzzled by the situation. After all, Chloe was considerably shorter than the bedroom door handle.

Their attempts to inquire about Chloe’s escape tactics yielded little information from their reticent daughter. Thus, her nightly escapades remained an enigma until Chris and Nina decided to install a baby monitor.

Ultimately, the answer they had been eagerly anticipating was revealed.

Chris and Nina scrolled through the recorded footage until they spotted two unexpected guests inside Chloe’s dark room: their two goofy golden retrievers!

The mischievous puppies were caught red-handed, pushing their way through their little sister’s door. They then hopped onto the bed, waking her up, and proceeded to coax Chloe out of her room for some late-night antics.

With this revelation, the mystery was finally solved.

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