Free project management tools for Social Media Professionals

As we all want to quickly manage hierarchy of tasks efficiently.  So, for the effective completion of tasks we require some aids like project management tools.  These tools make us enable to analyze which actions are sequential and which depend on one another.  Project management software helps you to plan your priorities by analyzing your data.  These management tools are designed to assist individual as well as groups and teams.  We all need better collaborations and effective task delegations.  So, if you use project management tools you no longer need to hire individuals for assisting you to plan and schedule your routines.

Here are some free tools for effective planning/organizing your work keeping it under one roof without breaking bank.

  • HubSpot Project Management Software
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Todoist
  • Teamwork
  • ClickUp


HubSpot Project Management Software

HubSpot assists to plan, create as well as launch you marketing projects.  This projects management software is one place for organizing all of your tasks, projects and files.  This management tool organizes task creation and to-do list in advance.  HubSpot tool has been designed for marketers and integrates with Marketing Hub.  With Marketing Hub you will find all tools on one powerful platform.  This software will save your time and provide all you need for personalized experience that attract the right consumers. 

Features of HubSpot:

  1. Marketing Tools like forms, Ad management and Landing Pages etc.
  2. Service Tools like, ticketing, live chatting and conversation inbox.
  3. Operation Tools like Data sync and historical sync.


Asana is the most powerful project management tool.  It allows the groups and teams to share and discuss their plans on one platform.  Small as well as large companies use Asana for organizing work.  It is the best service designed to improve collaborations and project management.  It allows teams to manage plans and tasks in one tool.  Groups of people can create projects on one platform and can communicate directly in Asana instead of arranging meetings in offices.  You can plan, create and organize your tasks from start to finish on this one platform. 

Features of Asana:

  1. Goals Plan strategic aims and track your progress
  2. Timeline Create Gantt charts in minutes
  3. Workload Check that how much work all members have for project
  4. Portfolio Check the status of initiatives and monitor progress
source: in #1 ranked project management tool. It is highly versatile, scalable, and affordable and has impressive set of features.  This software bears all the factors we care about.  Unlike other project management tools has a free trial which lasts for two weeks.  It is visual team management software which allows customizing workflow and promoting transparency.  It provide intuitive and approach to customize processes. This software takes care of our data keeping it private and confidential.  Data privacy is one of the basic features of as the one who is not allowed to see your data cannot approach it. 

Features of

  1. Monitoring, managing and tracking of workloads
  2. Communication directly through
  3. Collaborations and data visualization


Trello is the visual-based collaborating and managing tool that is designed for all kind of projects including teams as well.   It is easiest to use project management software considering its convenience and adorable features.  Reach new productivity peak with Trello as it is best management software to organize your tasks into boards.  Trello allows free signup for all users.  You don’t further need heavy duty management apps.   Companies like figma, dropbox etc. use Trello management software in their tech stack. 

Features of Trello:

  1. Convenient drag and drop editing
  2. In-line editing
  3. Card Records Archives
  4. File Attachments
  5. Easy uploads


Todoist is the most convenient to use project management tool.  It’s easiest to add your first planed task using Todoist.  Projects can be made by changing colors and adding descriptions using emoji as well.  This project management software is totally free to use.  You can upgrade your plans when additional features are required.  Slant communities recommend Todoist instead of other software due to its two column layout.  Data is always protected in Todoist software as it possesses extensive firewalls to degrade unauthorized access

Features of Todoist:

  1. Automated To-do list
  2. Sync projects with calendar
  3. Backup projects and tasks
  4. Monitor productivity
  5. Project Templates


Teamwork is a cloud based project management tool which allows businesses to organize different tasks and delivers outcomes that matter.  It provides task list, file uploads and collaborations.  Teamwork assists teams to manage group goals and develop business processes.  This management software allows its users for streamline project planning and managing team resources.  Boards are available to automate your workflow.  It is an easy way to make your team visualize your project tasks. 

Features of Teamwork:

  1. Time tracking effectively track your clients projects
  2. Gantt charts Get a styled view of your project and highlight milestones
  3. Kanban board Provide your team visualize their project tasks


Clickup allows simple project and tasks management without creating any mess.  Set your plans and your work breakdown structure in ClickUp by creating lists of different parts of your plans.  Organize your workflow by creating statuses and checklists templates to fit each individual by using ClickUp.  Board view is available to see every single task assigned to your mates at just one board.  Monitor and manage strategies from start to end on this project management software.  Reminders can be set for you and your team as well to stay alert about tasks. 

Features of ClickUp

  1. Custom Statuses
  2. Checklist Templates
  3. Agile Board View
  4. Workload charts

Final Thoughts

Project management software is used for a wide range of businesses and industries to manage tasks. It enables individual as well as teams and groups planning and scheduling tasks. It’s important to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently without creating confusions and mess. In short this software makes easier to do work and collaborate remotely.

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