Ways to Earn Money Online in 2022

There’s a saying that goes around, “You can’t make it in the world, you only have to do what you love.” Well, most people start with great job prospects and an abundance of savings. However, once you’ve reached your retirement age, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to maintain your standard lifestyle – sometimes you’ll still need to put yourself first in some areas of your life. To help alleviate this struggle, here are ten online earning ideas for everyone from high-earners to middle-class retirees.

Ways to earn money online in 2022

I have been in the online industry for the last 4+ years. I had my highs and lows, dealt with scammers, went through some minor losses, and sometimes I had amazing experiences working online. I am sharing a list of ways that can be useful if you want to earn money online from home. I have tried most of these ways or have seen my buddies making profits out of them. For Pakistani students, these can prove to be very beneficial if they want to make part-time or full-time careers out of them along with their studies. I have sequenced them from basic level to professional level online jobs.

Earn by Blogging: First things first! What you are most passionate about? Never start a blog in which you might lose interest later. You need excellent English communication skills to start your own blog. It can be a news-related blog, a product/service review, or a celebrity blog. Post jobs, funny images/videos, write about the latest trends or technology updates. The pitch point is that you are blogging about good ideas. Stay away from plagiarism. Take inspiration but don’t copy content from other sites. Use Google AdSense or InfoLinks to put up ads on your blog and start earning. Don’t rush and wait for 3-4 months till the volume of visitors increases to more than 1000 per day. Money starts coming in once you reach your target. You can check our complete guide on how to set up a WordPress blog with almost no effort.

Earn by Freelancing: The best alternative to blogging is freelancing. Sites like Freelancer and Elance provide a number of job postings that you can choose from. From writing articles and academic reports to designing websites, optimizing keywords on search engines, coding, and building mobile apps. In Pakistan, top websites like RozeeBrightSpyreBayrozgarMustakbilHerCareer are bringing employers and talent together to do what is needed.

Earn by Video Tutorials: You can become a professional YouTuber in almost any niche that is out there in the market. From teaching subjects you love to create reviews of the products you have, you can create videos on all sorts of subjects!

Earn by Affiliate Marketing: Once you have a good blog ready, you can also join an affiliate network or affiliate partnership with someone (for instance, Amazon) and earn money whenever someone is redirected to a link and buys a product through your blog.

Earn by Design a website: If you are a designer by profession already or you can simply register for short courses to learn professional website designing. Either way, you can create an opportunity to earn income from home. Both small and corporate level companies hire freelance designers to work on their logos and websites. And trust me, mostly freelancers come up with some brilliant and outstanding designs. Photoshop has become one of the most commonly used weapons of choice when it comes to web designing.

Web development: Universities are stressing towards offering advanced courses on web development. Using HTML, CSS, and PHP, students and professionals can make ways to build a better future for them. Build a website from scratch and use programming languages like CSS, HTML, and PHP and tools to earn you a good amount of cash. You can take this course to learn about JavaScript if you are looking to improve your existing skills.

Earn Money by SEO: The rate of having a diploma in SEO is high in Pakistan and for the same reason companies don’t prefer hiring them. One of the reasons stated by my CEO recently was that they have weak English communication and vocabulary which puts a company in a very bad place. But then there are some experienced SEOs and SEMs who are doing a tremendous job in lifting up page ranks and providing quality results with targeted keywords on Google’s top searches. Content marketing and SEO go side by side. It’s a plus if you know both well. Social Media Marketing is another major part of SEO and content marketing.

Earn by mobile app development: Mobile app is like the ultimate accessory for any product or service nowadays. It’s one of the highest-paid online jobs and if you are familiar with the process of designing and developing a creative and unique app. Well, you just hit the jackpot.

Out of all the above, my favorite ones are 10, 11, and 12. I made a career out of them. All 20 different ways mentioned above vary from one another. Most of them can be found on freelancing sites like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk (aka Upwork). Pakistani job platforms also enlist most of these sources of income. OLX Pakistan also has a vast listing of online/internet jobs but not all of them are from reliable companies or people.

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