Lahore Postal Codes

In Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city, parcels, letters, and packages can be delivered using its own postal code system. The goal of this comprehensive guide is to provide you with a complete overview of the Lahore Postal Code including its format, history, and list of all area postal codes in Lahore.

History of Lahore Postal Codes

A postal code system was introduced to facilitate mail delivery, which divided the city into different zones and assigned each zone a unique code. The Lahore Postal Code system was introduced on 1 January 1988.

Format of Lahore Postal Codes

The format of Lahore Postal Codes is quite simple and consists of five digits. The first two digits represent the district code, the third digit represents the city code, and the last two digits represent the specific delivery zone. In Lahore GPO, for example, 54000 is the district code, 0 is the city code, and 00 is the area in which it is located.

Importance of Postal Codes

Postal codes play an important role in the delivery of mail and parcels. Through postal codes, mail can be sorted and delivered to specific delivery zones, which makes delivery processes more efficient. They ensure that mail is delivered to its recipients in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, the use of postal codes also reduces the chances of misdelivery and loss of mail.

List Of Lahore Postal Codes

The following section includes a comprehensive list of the major areas and landmarks in Lahore, along with their postal codes. This list will be useful to anyone who needs to find the exact location of an area in Lahore or its postal code. It can also be used as a reference when mailing packages or letters to Lahore.

Area NamesPostal Code
Adda Chabeel Po05463
Agriculture House Po05467
Allama Iqbal Road Po05468
Amer Sidhu Po05449
Azam Po05430
Baghbanpura Npo05460
Bilal Gunj Po05461
Cg Office Po05456
Chah Miran54900
Chah Miran Npo05471
Chowk Ichhra(Cpol 825)05306
Chuburgi Garden Estate Po05488
Daroghawala Po05472
Dharampura Po05478
Dholanwal Po05485
Dsps South Divn Lahore Po05302
Ep Centre Sadar Bazar Npo05432
Faisal Town Po05303
Faiz Bagh Po05473
Ferozpur Road Po05305
Fortress Stadium Po05433
Gulab Devi Hospital Po05307
Gulberg Colony Npo05457
Gulberg N. Po (Cpol 1318)05458
Gulberg Po05459
Gunj Moghal Pura Po05479
Ichhra Po05308
Jahangir Town Po05452
Kasurpura Po05481
Kot Lakhpat Po05450
Kpar Po05462
L.C.C.H Society Npo05455
L.C.C.H Society Po05454
Lahore Gpo54000
Lahore Airport Lsg05436
Lahore Airport Npo(Batch I)05437
Lahore Airport Npo(Batch Ii)05438
Lahore Aitcheson College54030
Lahore Alflah54020
Lahore Allama Iqbal Town54570
Lahore Awan Coloney54780
Lahore Baghbanpura54920
Lahore Bahria Town53720
Lahore E.M.E Society P.O53710
Lahore Engineering University54890
Lahore Kohinoor Energy55160
Lahore Multan Road Post Office54500
Lahore New University Campus54590
Lahore Pmg Punjab Post Office54560
Lahore Pt & T Audit54550
Lahore Punjab Governor House54880
Lahore Secondary Board54650
Lahore Shadman Women Model P.O54610
Lahore Kemc Npo05317
M Block Model Town Po05304
Manga Mandi55270
Margazar Colony Po05487
Masjid Khalid Po05439
Mehboob Booti (Cpol 1388)05464
Misri Shah Po05474
Multan Road Npo05489
Multan Road Po05490
Nabi Pura Po05480
Naulakha Npo05469
New Garden Town N. Po (Cpol 1100)05309
Niaz Beg Thokar53700
Nishat Colony Po05440
Nishtar Colony Po05441
Ordinance Depot Po05434
Pakistan Mint Po05465
Pakki Thatti Po05493
Qarshi Dawa Khana Po05494
R.A Bazar Po05442
Railway Headquarter Hsg05470
Rang Mahal Npo05445
Rang Mahal Po05446
Rasool Park Po05310
Rehman Pura Po05311
Rewaz Garden54510
River View54784
Rotary Centre(Cpol 1347)05312
Rustom Sohrab Cycle Factory Po05483
S&S Ep Centre Po05492
Saddar Bazar Po05435
Samanabad Npo05495
Samanabad Po05301
Sanda Po05453
Services Po05443
Shad Bagh Po05475
Shah Alam Market54100
Shah Alam Market Npo05447
Shah Noor Po05486
Shahdara Bagh54950
Shahdra Bagh Npo05484
Shahdra Town Po05482
Shahi Mohallah54110
Shalimar Town Po05466
Sodiwal Po05491
Sultan Pura Po05476
V R Institute Po05431
Wahdat Colony Po05313
Walton Po05444
Wassanpura Po05477


The Lahore Postal Codes serve a vital role in the efficient functioning of the postal service in Pakistan, and they facilitate the delivery of mail and parcels. In conclusion, Lahore Postal Codes are an important component of the Pakistani postal system. The format of Lahore Postal Codes is simple, and their significance cannot be overstated. We hope that you have found this comprehensive guide useful in finding out everything you need to know about Lahore Postal Codes.

Lahore Postal Code FAQs

FAQs related to Lahore Postal codes are listed down below

What is Postal Code?

A postal code helps sort and deliver mail. It’s assigned to a geographic area and used by postal services to direct mail to the correct recipient.

What is Lahore Postal Code?

The main postal code of Lahore is 05499

What is Postal code of Johar Town Lahore

The Postal code of Johar Town Lahore is 54782

What is 05499?

05499 is a Lahore Postal Code

What is Lahore Cantt Postal Code?

The Postal code of Lahore Cantt is 58810

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