Categories of Social Media to Boost Brand and Grab Organic Traffic

There are various different types of social media.  Discussion is not just about the content published on social media but about the wide category of social media consisting of social media networks.  These social media networks are designed to cover various interests that grab traffic to social media.  There is a trend of marketing and advertising on social media to enhance brand myth etc.  This article will help to learn about different types of social media networks that will help you to enhance traffic on your brand. The only mission is to increase brand engagement and to get most of efforts being done.

Here there is severe need of exploring various types of social media and to know there use in professional way.  This will assist to advance business and brand. 

Few categories of Social Media to Boost Brand and Grab Traffic

• Social Media Networks

• Multi-media (images/video) sharing

• Blogging Network

• Customer’s Reviews

• Ecommerce

Brand Awareness via Social Media

Social Media is such a wide platform that gives people freedom of expressing their creativities and interests.  The crucial reason of people’s engagement on social media is to connect with the other people who have interests like they do.  As there are different forms of social media networks there are also different reasons of huge traffic on social media. 

Social media gives an opportunity to marketers to produce dominance, grab traffic and enhance brand’s awareness.  People just starting out with social media advertising become to believe that they have to sustain an active residence at all social media platform. This is not only impossible given the absolute number of social media platforms, but it’s not preferable to try unless different demographics are attracted to different types of social media platforms. It is better for influencers to select the platforms where targeted audience to devote marketer’s time to generate audience on those platforms.

Social media provides influencers the opportunity to interact directly with the consumers that are targeted. Social media can be used to provide customer support. Customer support includes instructing consumers on how to consume service or product while keeping them updated on special variations in brand myth. Here our only target is to provide you the interesting facts about the various types of social media to make decision about which platforms are right for your brand.

Categories of Social Media

Here are the categories of social media.  The target of this article is to enable you about the major use of different social media networks.  Our mission is to provide you the mysterious use of social media in enhancing brand’s traffic and to grow your business.  While this page doesn’t include all social media networks but those described here are most common that targeted traffic will be grab.

Social Media Networks

Typically people ponder that social media is just to revolve about the platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc. Social media platforms help people to interact not only with the other people but also with the services and marketers of their interests.  Users share their thoughts on social media regularly and connect with the network of people of same interests like they do.  Here they share content with their network of people.  .

Social media offers the influencers a support to touch their targeted network of audience whether organically or through paid promotions.  Brands come to know more about the targeted communities.  Also through social media platforms brands learn about the feelings and reviews of their consumers which further help to improve the qualities.  Social media platform is easiest way of competitor’s analysis. In short social media platforms and networks generate a strongest support to attract targeted community. 

Facebook is most wide social media platform with 22.40 billion monthly visits.  Mostly Facebook is used to interact with friends and relatives as well as to stay up to date on the brands of their interests.  Facebook has strongest advertising networks which help the brands to touch their target without any wastage of money on paid advertisings.

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Instagram is another powerful social media platform with more than 6.20 billion monthly visits. While users on Instagram also share their interests in form of photos and videos and many other like Facebook users do.   Twitter also has an advertising platform like Facebook and Instagram.  But twitter users have to express their creativity in limited characters.

Multi-media (images/video) sharing

Multimedia sharing networks include social media platforms where people share multimedia like photos or videos.  Social media networks which include this type of content are more attractive and feasible.  Brands can enhance their access to different networks or communities by using this type of social networking.  In this way brand can increase their followers and influencers by promoting their products. 

Image sharing networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram etc. are being more accessible by different geographies.  Almost every single individual believes the visual learning so, these platforms provide feasibility to these brands to enter their targeted communities.  This type of networking has best audience engagements. 

YouTube contains almost 1 billion monthly users.  Like social media platforms YouTube also offers advertising opportunities that can assist to enhance the brand engagements.  These paid advertising can bring more followers and consumers to the brand by reaching their targets by their more influenced messages in form of ads. 

Blogging Network

Blog can be a type of website where new content is always preferred.  Blog is referred as blog posts or content.  Blogs are typically run by small groups or single person.  This has been a most wanted form of content on social media platforms.  Blogs are most creative type of online content because they work.  Blogs work in a chronological way.  Social blogging enhances the brand image and awareness as well as produces leads.  But blogging requires more effort than other social media content including SEO and other tasks.  Blog with good SEO are well ranked in search engine results.  This type of effort is rewarded in the sense that more good SEO contents are shown on the top and get more views and clicks.   Blogs can be the best way of educating people for use of products. 

Customer’s Reviews

Review networks are the types of online platforms that include customer’s reviews.  Importance of customer review in the brand is in the way that they help the business and brands to identify whether their services or products are satisfying their consumers or not. Good reviews are always spread quickly.  This is the best way of encouraging customers by reviewing your business.  When consumers have good things to say they also share good reviews.  This will expand product’s reach.  Giveaways are the best method of getting reviews for a new business.  People are most likely to share their good reviews on different websites like yelp and TripAdvisor. Positive and negative reviews identify the customer’s inspiration about your brand.  In the way brands and products come to know pros and cons of their services.  Even negative reviews have positive effect on business if it is handled quickly to solve customer concerns.  The most popular reviews getting website is yelp.  Reviews can’t be removed by businesses so these platforms give most accurate information about business. 



Ecommerce is known as electronic commerce or business done through internet sources.  Ecommerce includes buying or selling of goods, products or services via internet.  It is most feasible and convenient way of shopping.  There is no need of sparing time just for groceries and little things from your busy life.  Everything is accessible at your door step with just one click. 

E-Commerce includes three types: B2B, B2C and C2C or Business to business, business to customer and customer to customer. Beat E-Commerce websites include Amazon, EBay, Shopify etc. Social shopping is the best way of staying up to date.  There are the types of advertisements where you can buy things at just one click. 

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