CNIC information System

CNIC Information System has specifically been provided to our valued visitors in order to collect information about the entered ID card number. The procedure is simple. first, you have to enter the CNIC number after that, click on the ‘Search CNIC’ button and you will be directed to the details of that person, whose CNIC you have entered, i.e. City , Division and Name of Province.

What is CNIC?

An ID card is a document that every citizen needs every day. Whether you have an interview or a job. Traveling home or abroad. You get the SIM on the ID card that you use in your mobile. If you want to get a room in a hotel, you will also be asked for your ID card. An ID card is also required for education and if you are young, your father's ID card is required. In our country, NADRA is the agency that issues ID cards. Its branches are spread all over the country